What locals expect from the next Governor of Ohio


BELMONT COUNTY, OH--An exciting night for Martins Ferry as they hosted the first Democratic gubernatorial debate.

City leaders and those in the community talked about what they are looking for in the next Governor and how they feel about the Democratic candidates.

Eileen & Jerry Krupinski are from Steubenville and traveled to Martins Ferry for the debate, "All four of them, very impressive. They are true Democrats, they feel and understand the problems they are going to try to solve."

They, along with many others throughout the Ohio Valley have certain qualifications they are hoping the next Governor fills.

Eileen says, "Someone who takes education very seriously, public education, the job issue and the opioid crisis."

While Ed Minger from Shadyside says, "Jobs are always the number one issue with the Central Labor Council. That is always the biggest issue it's probably the biggest issue for most people i think."

Lori Bittengle of St. Clairsville says, "Someone to be backing unions absolutely. Medicaid in Ohio is important to me. I work for job and family services so that's important."

As far as city leaders----Mayor Robert Krajnyak believes eastern Ohio can sometimes be forgotten and there's several issues he's facing, along with other local cities.

He says, "As far as the severance tax goes with the oil and gas industry, millions of dollars are coming out of this county and we're not getting any of it back because it's all going to Columbus."

Also the local government funding that's been cut by the state----

Krajnyak says, "We're getting hurt by about 200-300 thousand dollars every year in our budget alone, let alone the township and the hardships they are going through. It's been a struggle for this side of the state."

Overall, the debate helped many learn more about each candidate before making a decision.

The Krupinski's say, "We've not definitely made up our minds yet, but at least we can see where the candidates stand and what they have to offer.

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