Weirton Steel holds 25-Year Club picnic


More than 500 members of Weirton Steel's 25-year club gathered together for a picnic at the Serbian picnic grounds on Saturday.

Since 1946, the 25-year club has been a celebration of all of those workers who put their time in at Weirton Steel.

And some of those workers traveled from across the country and arrived in Weirton today to join the celebration. It is something they live for every single year and acts as a family reunion for those steel workers who use the event to catch up and share memories from their time at the mill.

”We had a great turnout,” said 25-Year Club President Ron Baker. “The people do not come here because they have to come here, they come here because it is a celebration of what they have done in the mill and the years they have put in there."

Ernest Nicholas worked in the Steel Mill for 45 years and says he enjoys the friendships he has made through his time at the mill and in the 25-Year Club the most.

"Partnership and comradeship,” said Ernest Nicholas. “Just getting together with old friends and taking part in the old times and talking about the good times.”

It is that partnership that brings all of these workers back together every year to celebrate one another and all of the work they put in together over the years.

And this is something that the 25-year club will continue doing for years to come as it is something they have found the retired mill workers live for every single year.

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