Undocumented immigrant pleads guilty to assault, may be deported


An undocumented immigrant facing a charge of felonious assault was in court Wednesday, where he heard he may leave the country.

Police say Guillermo Hernandez slapped his girlfriend and held her down while threatening to slash her with a machete. The incident in late March took place in front of his seven children. After agreeing to plead guilty to assault, Hernandez asked the judge if he could see his kids before he would be deported.

"I have to think that there's a good chance that he can see his kids, but I'm in no position to guarantee it," Judge Joseph Bruzzese said.

As part of Hernandez's agreement to plead guilty to assault, he would not face jail time in Steubenville. He's instead being extradited to Columbus to face the charge in front of federal immigration authorities.

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