Two men talk with police about Wheeling shooting

OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. -- One person was seriously injured and police say two men have been questioned after a shooting Monday night at 18-3rd Street in Wheeling.
Two men, once thought to be "armed and dangerous," have spoken with police. Both went into Wheeling Police headquarters on Tuesday and gave statements. No arrests have been made, but police are still investigating and working with the Ohio County Prosecutor's office.
"The vehicle in question has been recovered," Wheeling Police Det. Matt Taylor said. "We've towed it to a secure facility. We will obtain a warrant and search it for any evidence. ..."
Meanwhile, the victim did sustain life-threatening injuries when the bullet went through his watch and hit an artery. He underwent emergency surgery Monday night and police have not yet spoken with him.
Officials checked the home at that address and found narcotics and one gun that was not used in the incident.
"It is still an active investigation and we are going to speak to prosecutors about if and what charges will be filed in the future," Taylor said.