Two charged in connection to Tiltonsville meth lab


Two of four suspects charged in connection with a meth lab operation in Tiltonsville were in court Wednesday. The two were arrested last week after the lab, which was less than 200 feet from Buckeye South Elementary, was busted in late April.

In court were Sarah Kolkedy and Connie Kolkedy. Both waived their cases to the Jefferson County grand jury.

Each defense attorney for the Kolkedys said it would be a waste of time to proceed with a preliminary hearing.

“There's no evidentiary value to be gained on behalf of Ms. Kolkedy by proceeding with a preliminary hearing at this time,” said defense attorney Steve Stickles. “Therefore, we also will waive our preliminary hearing.”

Judge David Scarpone made sure the two wanted to fast track their case.

“You've heard the attorneys read into the record, your understanding of you both waiving your preliminary hearing. You understand that?” he asked.

Sarah and Connie Kolkedy face multiple felony charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. The pair is accused of operating a meth lab out of a garage at 104 Mound Street in Tiltonsville, only a few hundred feet from a school.

Two other suspects are still at large. Police are looking for Audra Fleming and Steven Fleming, both of the same home.

If you have information on their whereabouts, you are urged to contact Tiltonsville police.

The Kolkedys remain in jail. Bond will be taken up at the next grand jury proceeding.

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