House in shambles after trees, power lines come crashing down



(The family has posted a crowdfunding link to help raise funds to rebuild their lives. Click here to donate.

Strong thunderstorms sent trees crashing down in Steubenville and for one family right through the roof of their home.

The family survived multiple trees crashing right into their living room and on top of their young children. The two children and their mother went to the Trinity West medical center.

The Gibson family is doing relatively okay tonight, considering they survived a harrowing experience they surely will remember the rest of their lives. Mom and dad are just thankful their 8-month-old and 6-year-old daughters are uninjured after getting checked at the hospital.

“I was at work when I got a call from my wife,” said Christian Gibson. “She was so frantic she could barely explain what was going on. By the time she could make words out, she told me the tree had fallen through the living room and her and the baby were in the living room. It's unlivable now."

Christian Gibson's home on Highland Avenue in Steubenville is in shambles after trees, powerlines and muddy debris crashed in and around the home.

“I rushed from work to get here to save whatever I can before the house falls down,” he said.

Christian then rushed over to the hospital, where his wife Colleen and two daughters were getting checked for injuries.

“I was going to go check on her because she was crying and as soon as I went into her room, the ceiling just collapsed and then to go, went to go pick her up real quick and the ceiling collapsed on top of me and covered her completely,” Colleen Gibson said.

The last place Colleen wanted to spend her evening at was a hospital. She's already going through chemotherapy for cancer. And now, she's without a home.

“We pretty much lost everything,” Colleen said. “Everything, because upstairs was the main living area, all the furniture, it's all destroyed.”

The one most traumatized by this according to the parents is their 6-year-old Raegan. She's staying with her grandmother tonight, but wanting some semblance of normalcy she has asked to go to school tomorrow, though her parents say it's okay to take this day off.

As for the family, they did not have renter's insurance.

Christian's co-workers are in the process of setting up a GoFundMe page. We’ll have that information once it is set up.

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