Switzerland of Ohio School District shows off upgrades

Switzerland of Ohio School District shows off upgrades

The Switzerland of Ohio School District is getting ready for the new school year.

And there's lots of changes.

As students return this month, they'll notice some major upgrades at the football field at River High School, as it has new turf.

Plus, everyone in the district will be learning the same curriculum.

"Our curriculum realignment, looking at our district's test scores and they weren't quite where we wanted them to be," Superintendent Jeff Greenley said.

Greenley is focused on having all three high schools in the district – River, Monroe Central, and Beallsville -- follow the same curriculum. It's a proactive approach to make sure students are on track.

"Have a system where every 4 weeks or so, they are taking an assessment, we’ll look at it very carefully and do some reteach,” Greenley said.

Also new this year are two new principals -- Joe Semple at Monroe Central and Kellie Hayden at the Beallsville campus.

Each high school is participating in a campus improvement project thanks to the school board and oil and gas money.

First up, River project, which involves upgrades to Martin Flannery Field. They built a new press box and put turf on the field.

They also completed improvements to their baseball field.

The other schools are still planning.

"Beallsville High School is looking at having a baseball and softball field at their own site, as well as some other improvements to their football facility, and Monroe Central is still working with their community to figure out exactly what their project is going to look like," Greenley said.

"This is a great place to be, great place to learn, and we want our kids to come back excited."

The upgrades at Martin Flannery Field will be complete by the first home game – Aug. 25. Students return on Aug. 29.

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