Students contribute to animal shelter

On Monday, Brooke County students stayed after school to help out shelter animals.

Wellsburg Middle School's student council group spent the afternoon making treats for dogs in the Brooke County Animal Shelter. The treats are made from animal-safe ingredients and are in assorted fun shapes.

It's all part of the middle school's program to help the animal shelter, which also includes a pet supply drive. Principal Jennifer Sisinni is happy to see the students coming together to help animals in need.

“To me it's huge to see them all working together,” Sisinni said. “There aren't all students that would maybe be friends. We have fifth-graders and eighth-graders that are all here working on the same task."

“I decided to stay after and do this because it will help pets who don't have a home and don't have things like other pets,” said fifth-grader Ava Estrada. “And I love dogs.”

Wellsburg Middle School will be collecting pet supplies for the animal shelter until January 27.

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