Spring is officially here


It's time to swing into spring!

Lou DiGregory of DiGregory's Greenhouse and Garden Center says timing is everything in the flower business.

"It’s a family run business,” he said. “We've been here since 1937."

The first day of spring has folks across the Ohio Valley dreaming of warm weather and many getting ready for gardening.

But is it too early to start planting?

DiGregory sets the record straight.

“As long as the ground isn’t frozen, they can work the soil add their organic matter into the soil and compost," DiGregory said.

It's safe to plant items like onion sets, potatoes and other vegetables.

"Grass seed, you know places where people have maybe driven off the driveway and gotten their tires into the lawn, that patching can be done now," DiGregory said.

For those curious about the flowers in their yards, look to see if they bloomed. There may be some damage if they already have. But good news for the ones that have yet to pop.

"sometimes even if that does happen, which it has in the past, the leaves have come out and then the temperatures get really cold. Those leaves will be damaged but they'll come back again," DiGregory said.

He also said because of the ups and downs of temperatures, some fruit trees may not harvest and have some damage to them.

However good news for early planters, due to the mild winter, the soil never fully froze so you're safe to get to work.

A partial house collapses in wheeling, but luckily the people inside escaped uninjured.

It happened just before 2:30 this morning at 4-12 main street in north wheeling.

Wheeling fire department and city officials responded.

Wheeling police and fire public information officer philip stahl says it appears just the facade crumbled, but city officials tell news 9 the building will now be torn DOWN BY THE OWNER.

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