Solar panels save money for First Capitol Building

Solar panels

Self-sufficient energy has become a big topic lately, but not all talk is about the usual oil and gas industry.

One local historic building is taking a step into the future with the use of cutting-edge technology.

Mary Ellen Cassidy of Wheeling Solar Co-op. says she is extremely passionate about renewable energy. Just last December, she and her husband decided to have solar panels installed on a portion of the roof of the First Capitol Building.

She sees solar energy in the Wheeling area as a great way to progress both economically and environmentally.

"It's not just putting it on your building and saving energy and saving money. It's also creating jobs and helping your economy based on an industry that is only growing from here on out," Cassidy said.

Solar panels are no longer a wave of the distant future. In fact, they are more affordable than ever. There are many government incentive savings programs that small businesses can benefit from when it comes to installing solar energy systems.

"They connected us with grants that can cut your solar installation clearly by half. So between those financing and our community building we can reinvest in our community here," Cassidy said.

Over the past several months, Cassidy has seen a 60% increase of savings in the First Capitol Building's utility bills.

She feels it is just the beginning of the solar energy growth in the area.

"There's a chance that some may look at it as unusual or extraordinary, but we want to make it common in the Ohio Valley," Cassidy said.

The panels have a 25 year guarantee but often operate well beyond that time frame.

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