Solar celebration


OHIO COUNTY, WV - Community members gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate their success in moving their neighborhood environmentally forward.

Members of the Wheeling Green Table, an organization of environment oriented individuals, gathered at the First State Capitol building in Wheeling to celebrate the efforts of their co-op organized through West Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods, on organizing a bulk deal on solar panel installation for those involved.

WV SUN is a non-profit organization that educates, and helps organize solar energy efforts for communities throughout the state. WV SUN worked with the co-op started by the Wheeling Green Table, and facilitated a deal between them and Appropriately Applied technologies to structure a bulk deal on solar panel installation.

Mary Ellen Cassidy organized the co-op in Wheeling in an effort to put more power in the hands of the community. "In our area we've seen our bills have gone up significantly in the past few years, and we're anticipating that they're going to keep going up significantly - so what we'd like to do is hedge against that and have some way of generating our own electricity, our own power," she said.

Myles Murray is the president of AAT, the company hired to install the panels. When asked about how important it is for individuals to get on board with solar energy he said, "That's the real critical thing - to grow the industry. To make people realize this is a real viable option, and that there are jobs that people can have doing this kind of work."

Part of Sunday's celebration was to also inform those in the community on the benefits of switching to solar energy. Cassidy said, "Whether you're a residence, commercial, a non-profit or a church - we have information on funding that can make solar more affordable for you."

For more information on solar energy and how you can join the co-op in Wheeling, click here.

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