Sheriff gives more details on drowning death


JEFFERSON COUNTY, OH--A lengthy search ended in tragedy for one Amish family in Irondale Saturday night.

15-year old David Miller was pulled from a pond off of County Road 58, nearly three hours after he reportedly drowned.

Around 8 o'clock Saturday night, first responders received the call and immediately started a search of the pond with boats and dragging hooks, while many neighbors gathered for support.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Toronto Fire Department, Amsterdam, East Springfield, Stratton and Bergholz emergency personnel all responded to the call.

It wasn't until just after 11 o'clock that night that Toronto personnel searching in a boat found the young man in the general location of where we was last seen.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla says ,"It was difficult in that area because they've got water lines running through there and every time we'd come through with the boat, we hooked these plastic, rubber water hoses."

He also said this is not the first time a tragedy like this has struck the area.

Abdalla added, "Several years ago we had another Amish young boy swimming with his brother, and he drowned, the brother tried to save him, same thing tonight. 15-year-old David Miller was going down, his brother tried to save him, had a hold of him and couldn't do it. My heart breaks for his brother."

David Miller lived a short distance away on County Road 58, but not on the property.

Sheriff Abdalla says Miller, his brother and several others were swimming in the pond just like any other day.

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