Police release possible motive in Bellaire murder

The Belmont County Prosecutor’s office has released new information in the ongoing murder investigation of a Bellaire man (WTOV).

The Belmont County Prosecutor’s office has released new information in the ongoing murder investigation of a Bellaire man.

Prosecutor Dan fry says it was good old fashioned police work that led police to their suspect.

David Carl Kinney was arrested late Tuesday night for the Sunday murder of Brad McGarry in Bellaire. Kinney is being held without bond at the Belmont County Jail on one count of murder -- a first degree felony.

"We had an incident that was called to our attention about 6 p.m. on Sunday by a gentleman by the name of Mr. Kinney. He's the one who called 911. It turns out Mr. Kinney is now in jail, charged with the deceased's murder," Fry said.

Kinney voluntarily spoke with investigators on Tuesday.

Throughout the interview, Fry says Kinney changed his story numerous times.

"Eventually his last story to us was that there was some sort of altercation between them Sunday afternoon that involved an allegation of money being taken,” Fry said. “In other words, the deceased was alleging that Mr. Kinney had taken money. And there was some type of discussion or argument in regard to a sexual relationship between these two men that appears to be for an extended period of time."

Fry says that’s when the victim allegedly grabbed a .22-caliber gun.

"According to Mr. Kinney, the deceased tapped him with that gun. He took that to mean that he was in fear for his life. His story to us was that he shot him once. He fell to the floor and he shot him again as he laid on the floor in the back of the head. "

But investigators say there's a big hole in Kinney's story.

"The problem with that is we had an autopsy done yesterday and the deceased has two bullet holes in the back of his head, so that doesn’t match with what Mr. Kinney is telling us."

Kinney then told police he left the victim's house and tossed the evidence.

"At some point along route 7 near the sewer plant, he disposed of the gun by throwing it out of the passenger window of his truck. We are currently looking for that gun as we speak," Fry said.

The investigation is being spearheaded by Bellaire Police, the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division and BCI’s crime unit.

"We (took) every bit of information received and between the three agencies we were able to come up with an arrest last night," Bellaire Police Chief Mike Kovalyk said.

Fry says the state intends to proceed with the charge of murder.

Kinney's first day in court is set for Thursday.

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