Oglebay partners with national company to improve courses


Changes will be coming to the golf programs at Oglebay and Wheeling Park.

The Ohio Valley cam expect some changes to how they golf in Wheeling thanks to a new business partnership.

For some it is already golf season, but others will wait until the temperature is up to par.

Oglebay has been working to improve its golf program and has partnered with Billy Casper Golf to make sure they keep up with the rest of the field.

“Golf is such a specialized business now,” said Steve Hilliard, president/CEO of the Wheeling Park commission. “We really thought it was best if we brought in a group that can really propel us forward and make sure we can compete favorably on a regional basis."

Billy Casper Golf manages nearly 150 properties in 29 states. The company will work with Oglebay's three golf courses as well as the course at Wheeling Park.

Hilliard says the group will guide the marketing, sales, staffing, course maintenance and more, which will result in a better experience for golfers.

“One of the most important things they're going to bring is they have this agronomic team,” Hilliard said. “They can help make sure that our course conditioning is the best conditioning that we can possibly get in the entire area."

The partnership also opens the door for more golf programs, particularly for younger golfers at Wheeling Park.

Hilliard is optimistic Billy Casper Golf will bring an enjoyable experience on the green.

“Great golf on great conditions and we're really excited,” he said.

Hilliard said these changes will take some time to be implemented, but golfers can expect improvements over the next few months as the weather warms up.

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