Officer who falsified shooting story will face charges

An officer claiming he was shot during a traffic stop triggered a manhunt earlier this month. On Tuesday, he admitted it was all a lie.

It's been one week since the incident happened, and after a thorough investigation, police announced a surprising development. Officer Bryan Eubanks deliberately injured himself, rather than a shot from an unknown assailant.

Bryan Eubanks has been fired from the Newcomerstown Police Department. He was taken for a medical evaluation after admitting his guilt.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Sheriff, police chief speak on Newcomerstown officer's revelation

With no clear motive, personal stress and health issues were cited in his testimony.

“I'm shot in the arm, maybe in the chest,” Eubanks said over the police scanner. “I don't think anything went through my vest."

The scanner chatter was intense as Eubanks called into headquarters, explaining he'd been shot following a traffic stop.

“The initial call produced a gigantic response,” said Tuscarawas County Sheriff Orvis Campbell.

Departments from all over the state, including the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded as a man hunt ensued.

“We followed leads,” Campbell said. “We were chasing down a black Geo Tracker."

Officer Eubanks gave the name of a suspect familiar to the department, claiming he was the trigger man.

“I'll be honest with you, he's got a violent past,” Campbell said. “He's a person that has been in a lot of trouble. But in this case, he came in and cooperated and with his cooperation we were able to clear him."

As the investigation progressed, more and more just didn't add up, leading to the shocking turn of events Tuesday afternoon.

“We tracked down eye witnesses, video cameras, anything that would give us a piece of what was going on,” Campbell said. “[Newcomerston] Chief Holland had the officer come in here to the sheriff's office, he brought him up with us. We were able to question him, and he admitted that the entire story was false."

With the truth finally out there, it begged the question: why?

“What we know is that the officer confessed today that he was struggling emotionally with some things since he worked on a very serious felony case, it happened to be a murder,” Campbell said.

“He states that he has been having some health issues since then, that he has not been sleeping well, not doing well.”

Sheriff Campbell described the incident as a failed suicide attempt, and Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland urged compassion.

“So when we try to look at that, I think we have to look at the compassion side,” Holland said. “They're no different than anyone else in society, the only difference is they're expected to carry a bigger burden."

“The next thing you know, you have 100 law enforcement officers and three federal agencies, and it becomes very difficult to own up to the truth right away, so I think it was a situation that just got away from him,” Campbell said.

“We all feel hurt,” Campbell said. “We all feel betrayed, but we're going to hold him accountable just like we do everybody else."

Eubanks is receiving medical treatment for the time being. Campbell says charges will be filed against Eubanks, though he did not specify what those may be.

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