Nailers perform in lip sync battle for a good cause


Wednesday, the Wheeling Nailers spent a night performing in a lip sync battle at River City—all to raise money for Nailers fight cancer month.

The head coach, Jeff Christian's late daughter, Ryan passed away from cancer.

He has since formed the organization called "Team Ryan" in her memory.

Mayor Glenn Elliott and News9's Crissy Clutter were some of the judges this evening.

Members of the team say they'll do whatever they can to help fight cancer.

"We're more than just a hockey team, we're an organization of a lot of good people, a lot of characters and just we're an entertainment destination for the Ohio Valley as well as making sure people saw that we're raising money for a great cause with Team Ryan,” said Patrick Damp, Account Executive of the Wheeling Nailers.

"It's just giving back to the community, having fun with the people who come and support us every night,” said Sean Maguire, goaltender.

The Nailers will continue raising money throughout the month.

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