Musicians, campground owner, fans weigh in on JITH announcement

Those closest to the country music festival say they want to keep traditions going. (WTOV)

A tradition many thought was lost is back. Jamboree in the Hills 2017 will be just like fans remember it after Live Nation reneged on new policies regarding coolers, the length of the festival and even the name.

Fans everywhere are rejoicing and those closest to the festival are singing its praises.

"We asked you all to tune in this morning for a special enormous announcement,” said Jimmy Elliott of WOVK 98.7 “Jamboree in the Hills is back for 2017 in its entirety.”

"At about 7:34 this morning, when you guys aired the interview with Kelly Tucker-Jones that everything was going back, my phone jumped off the wall. People were calling from all over the country,” said Raymond Duane, a JITH fan who started a “Boycott Jambo” page on Facebook.

“We want to give them what they want, which is the 40-year history of Jamboree in the Hills," Tucker-Jones, general manager, said.

“The biggest thing is the fans. They're the ones that make Jamboree in the Hills what it is. And if you take anything away from that, Jamboree in the Hills will discontinue,” said Ron Retzer, of the 1170 Band.

“You know what I love about Jamboree in the Hills? It is average working people, everyday Americans and you see them at their best because they're just having fun. They're being gracious to one another. These are the people that put out your fires, your police, that build your houses that do all these things. These are average people working folks and that's what I love about Jamboree,” said Tom Gentile, Valley View campground co-owner.

“This one started it all and this one isn’t driven by a company. This is of the people, by the people, for the people and it's the greatest country music festival the world has ever seen and probably ever will,” said Joe Zelek.

“I hope it keeps on going just the way it is. I hope that people pass down the traditions more than anything because it is, it's something that's passed down through family," Gentile said.

“At the core of Jamboree in the Hills is amazing music. It's a festival but the fans, the coolers, it’s the staple of the event, it's a staple for the community," Tucker-Jones said.

“Without Jamboree in the Hills, you wouldn’t have the summer that we have around here because it is such a historic, tradition thing in the Ohio Valley. It belongs to the Ohio Valley and it's ours to stay,” Retzer said.

The tradition lives on. Jamboree in the Hills 2017 is July 13-16.

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