Mock crash highlights dangers of drunk driving for students

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With prom coming up, one local school district is teaching students the dangers of drinking and driving with a life-like demonstration.

Multiple fire, police and emergency crews participated in a mock crash at Bridgeport Schools Wednesday to show students the consequences of distracted driving.

It was a chaotic scene in front of Bridgeport schools.

“We want them to feel, we want them to see, we want them to hear,” said School Counselor Vicki Falcone.

They held a mock crash demonstration. Students experienced it up close as a few of their peers participated. Falcone coordinated the event.

“Every decision that you make has a consequence and we want them to really think twice," she said.

The scene was designed as a two-vehicle accident caused by drinking and driving. The Bridgeport Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Brookside and Wolfhurst fire departments and many others used their training to rescue those inside the vehicles while others held each other in tears.

Superintendent Zac Shutler said the demonstration was very realistic and he hopes students take something away from it.

“I have not experienced a mock crash scene like this before and I was struck by it,” Shutler said. “I mean it was very graphic. It made my heart, my stomach sick to see students laying there and trapped inside those vehicles so if it strikes me I'm sure it's going to strike a nerve with our students."

He says this experience was eye-opening and students will hopefully make smart decisions not just during prom, but every day.

“One mistake can alter not just your life but your family's life or somebody else on the road,” Shutler said. “Sometimes realism is the best way to educate people and if it changes one kid's thought process, one kid's decision making, it made a difference.”

Prom takes place Friday at Bridgeport High School and every student is encouraged to take the pledge against drunk and distracted driving.

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