Meet and greet provides early look at Steubenville candidates


Opening the lines of communication was the goal of a “meet the candidates” event in Steubenville on Thursday.

Mayoral candidates Jerry Barilla (R) and Frankie DiCarlantonio (D) were on hand along with second ward councilman candidates Michael Johnson (R) and Craig Petrella (D).

All will run unopposed in the primary election, but organizers want time to find out more the candidates and what their positions are before the general election.

“We focused this just on the Hilltop, so everyone was invited but we focused it on the second ward and the mayoral race so that we could get a better understanding of how the Hilltop, CDC and our residents up here can communicate better with the council,” said Amelia Taggart, Hilltop Community Development Corporation.

The Hilltop CDC plans to host another similar event before the November election.

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