Local youth-baseball player competes at PNC Park


A local youth-baseball player has only been playing for a few years, but on June 17th he made a professional debut

Eight-year-old Michael Gibson plays for the Follansbee Pirates, but on Saturday, he got to feel like a professional Pirates player.

Getting to live the dream every young boy has, Gibson got to play on the field of his favorite MLB team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, as a part of the pitch, hit and run competition at PNC Park.

“The coolest thing was going to PNC Park and playing on their field, and doing the pitching and hitting and stuff in their field. It was fun to do that," said Michael.

Pitch, hit and run is a series of four competitions that begin in mid-May across the United States. Michael qualified at the local and sectional competition, allowing him to make it to the MLB team championship where he placed third.

“My favorite part was hitting, it was fun to hit at a professional baseball field," he said.

Michael made a few great swings that helped him get third place, but he still says baseball is a hard sport.

“When you're eight, it’s kind of hard to be really good at baseball."

But Michael’s practice with his grandpa got him ready to perform in the big stadium.

When asked about practicing with his grandpa, Michael said, “He prepared me to throw and run and hit off the tee “

“He usually throws balls to us and we throw them back. I usually pitch to this flag that he puts up and I hit," he added.

After the competition, Michael got to stay at the park and watch the Pirates defeat the Chicago Cubs, and says he felt just like he was a part of the team for the day.

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