Local Matt Lauer look-alike ends up on Today Show

Local Matt Lauer look-alike ends up on Today Show

For years, one local man has been told he looked a lot like one famous talk show host.

On Monday, that was proven to be true, on WTOV9.

Mike Sliva and his family took a vacation to New York City. One stop on their visit, was the Today Show, where Mike confirmed that he is a Matt Lauer look-alike.

Mike says his son Aiden is the one who was able to wave Today Show host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer over and she reaffirmed the resemblance.

"We came to New York for a family vacation and for several years now I have had people say to me that they thought I looked like Matt [Lauer],” says Mike, “so we thought we would have some fun with it and my son Aiden was determined to get their attention so they could get me on TV. So he did that and Dylan came out for the early morning promos so she came over and asked me a few questions and then ended up putting that little spot that made it up on national TV which was pretty cool."

Although he did not get a direct picture with Matt Lauer, he was able to get some photos with other members from the NBC show.

Mike says he was not mistaken for Lauer throughout the rest of his visit to New York, but says the experience of being on the show was once in a lifetime.

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