JITH fans rejoice after event reverts to traditions

Raymond Duane, fondly known as Jamboree's "Spaghetti Ray," started a Facebook page to boycott JITH after Live Nation announced changes. Now, he's speaking with NEWS9 after Live Nation has reneged on the changes. (WTOV)

Embrace tradition; banish change.

That’s where longtime Jamboree in the Hills goers stand. And now, many are standing taller after making their message heard.

That message? If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Raymond Duane, fondly known as Jamboree's "Spaghetti Ray," angrily started a Facebook page to boycott "Jambo Country" after Live Nation announced changes to 40 years of tradition.

"I was very mad about what was going on,” Duane said. “I expected maybe a couple hundred of my friends would join. I never expected that 12,755 would join and get behind my cause."

“We all know Jambo fans love the event. It has an amazing history that I’ve been lucky to be a part of for years and so I’m not surprised by the reaction, was not surprised by it, not surprised by their dedication and their patronage and how they just value that event so much. It's so unique and really unheard of so not surprised and actually just very happy that we have such vocal fans. I know there's a few like Spaghetti Ray who's been coming forever, very vocal and we're just excited that this change is happening,” said General Manager Kelly Tucker-Jones.

But on Friday morning -- after WTOV FOX9 aired the news that Jamboree in the Hills is returning to its original format -- thousands of people took to this very same social media platform to incredulously express their excitement.

"At about 7:34 this morning, when you guys aired the interview with Kelly Tucker-Jones, my phone jumped off the wall. People were calling from all over the country. You called me," Duane said.

“It's overwhelming, and it's humbling to know that so many people cared so much about the traditions and the Jamboree family that we've formed out there."

A celebration at Undo’s in St. Clairsville is set for 8 p.m. Friday.

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