Jamboree will retain all traditions as Live Nation abandons changes

Even the name and logo are back to their traditional format after fans were displeased by Live Nation's changes to Jamboree in the Hills. (WTOV)

"Looks to me like we've got ourselves another Jamboree in the Hills"

Those lyrics have never sounded sweeter and 41 has never looked better because Jamboree in the Hills is back.

"Same as it's been for 40 years, we're embracing that tradition. Bring your cooler in, 4-day event, July 13th through the 16th and the name is back," said General Manager Kelly Tucker-Jones.

NEWS9 was first to break the news of the changes to the alcohol policy, number of days and even the name of the event.

Fans reacted in a big way with hundreds of shares and posts and comments that expressed anger and disgust, sometimes to the point of vitriol.

Pages popped up devoted to boycotting the beloved outdoor festival. Even a local commissioner put his displeasure on display at a county meeting.

Tucker-Jones says she wasn't surprised by the reaction.

“Jambo fans are unique. I’ve always said that they are the best part of our event and we heard them. They were loud. They were vocal. They didn’t want the change. They love the tradition of the event. And the powers that be within Live Nation said we hear you and we want you to come to this festival so we're going to give it all right back to you," Tucker-Jones said.

And questions about the Redneck Run are questions no more. That name and tradition is staying right where it belongs.

When the third week in July rolls around, the only difference you might notice is one that has your best interest in mind.

"We want to keep those fans safe, so we're going to enhance our security measures there in the camp ground: underage drinking. We're going to be good, responsible people, and we want all of our fans to come and be safe so they may just expect a little bit more thorough search going thought the gates but still the same old Jamboree it's been,” Tucker-Jones said.

Same Jamboree but are we talking same ticket prices?

“Our one-day sale is still slated for Thursday, December 15, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and we are going back years and giving fans for that day only a chance to buy a 4-day pass at $150 which is even lower than the price has been for years," Tucker-Jones said.

So if you have been tweeting, commenting or calling to "make Jambo great again," mission accomplished.

Tucker-Jones says the fans are reason for the change.

“I think that's very important to know that we have such passionate dedicated Jambo fans that come back year after year,” she said.

"At the core of Jamboree in the Hills is amazing music. It's a festival, but the fans, the coolers, it’s the staple of the event, it's a staple for the community and so I just think it was…I’m very excited, very, very excited," Tucker-Jones said.

The new additions we told you about earlier this week will still be in place, including the free showers, glamping and parking lot after-party.

Again, that sale is happening on Thursday, Dec. 15 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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