Is the American Legion Post 89 a nuisance or not?


Is the American Legion Post 89 a nuisance or not?

City leaders are expected to take up the matter of again on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean the bar will close.

Vice Mayor Chad Thalman said council may meet behind closed doors to discuss the legion, and he says it could go two ways:

--They could pass a first reading to calling it a nuisance bar.

--Or they could set some rules.

Nothing will be decided on Tuesday, but a first reading could happen. Members supporting both sides will be able to sign up and speak.

Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron and police chief Shawn Schwertfeger recommended declaring the American legion post 89 a public nuisance.

Herron says the decision was made after constant police calls in the East Wheeling area, specifically near 15th and Jacob Streets.

Right now the legion remains open, but as Ward 3 Councilman Brian Wilson said, new management has been having some personal issues and they're supposed to be making changes.

"I think it is not just council’s best interest, but the neighborhood's best interest to give them one last shot to correct their wrongs and make amends with the neighbors,” Wilson said.

Thalman said city leaders are still listening to the police chief and city manager, but also taking the responsibility of declaring a business/public property very seriously.

Thalman says he believes Tuesday they'll discuss the legion, but this time in executive session.

"Two options we are looking at are closing the legion or allowing them to stay open with strict rules in place like they would have to close 10 o’ clock on weekdays maybe midnight on weekends, stuff like that,” Thalman said.

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