Indian Creek football player makes it back on the field

Keith Maple may not be in the huddle with his teammates after a January injury left him paralyzed from the chest down, but he remains a large part of the Redskins’ success (WTOV).

An Indian Creek football player is back on the field after a devastating January crash that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Keith Maple may not be in the huddle with his teammates, but he remains a large part of the Redskins’ success.

Maple was badly injured when he lost control of his vehicle on John Scott Highway, hit another car, and was ejected onto the roadway. He remembers waking up on that roadway and thinking that something was terribly wrong.

His friend, Aaron Robinson, was with him at the time. Robinson has since recovered and is contributing to the football team.

Maple is too, just in a different way.

“He made me feel better than I know I made him feel,” Indian Creek head coach Andrew Connor said. “It kind of took the pressure off. Went to see him in rehab and in the hospital, he's just remarkable.

“When you saw him the first time, you'd have never known anything happened. He just looked like he was lying in bed, and he was going to get out get to back to the normal. He just made things a lot easier on his teammates and the community in general.”

For his part, Maple keeps his head up and looks ahead.

His advice to his teammates, and, well, just about everyone?

“Just make sure you give everything 110 percent whenever you have it, because you never know when it's gonna be gone,” Maple said.

Maple said he still has many regrets about that night, like the injuries sustained by others in the wreck, but he doesn’t waste time thinking about the past.

With his contagious smile, he presses ahead and looks toward the future.

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