Gas and oil company buying water from Jefferson County

Jefferson County is selling water to Chesapeake Energy.

When most people think of the oil and gas industry, perhaps the last thing they think of is water, and the massive amount of water the industry needs.

On Thursday at the Jefferson County Commissioners meeting, it was learned that the county is selling water to Chesapeake Energy. So far Chesapeake has purchased 220,000 gallons of water from the county, and that total will go up possibly as high as 1 million gallons a day.

"We're selling it at the same published rate that any customer would pay -- $7.50 a thousand -- and they are buy quite a bit of water, so it helps us,” commissioner Tom Gentile said. “With our expenses in the county. It helps hold costs down because it's a higher multiplier so it's just good all the way around. It's great stuff.”

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