Follansbee couple to appear on Today Show


A local couple could soon be getting a second chance at their honeymoon.

The Sacripantis from Follansbee had to endure a hurricane during their honeymoon 12 years ago. Now, they are appearing on The Today Show in hopes of winning a re-do.

In October 2005, Follansbee newlyweds Joe and Trishann Sacripanti traveled to the Riviera Maya for their honeymoon, but after six beautiful days, Hurricane Wilma arrived and everyone had to evacuate.

“We spent 7 days with 45 others in a shelter that was supposedly a school building, but it was just a little brick building,” Trishann said.

“We didn't have any electricity, we had no restrooms, we didn't have anything for days until the Mexican Army dropped off food.”

The couple eventually made it back to the United States safely with a big welcome from family and friends and they shared their story with NEWS9.

“When we got home, we did the interview with NEWS9, which is crazy but 12 years later here we are,” said.

Now the couple is in New York City, hoping to experience their honeymoon all over again in Tahiti, minus the hurricane.

The Today Show is holding the honeymoon re-do contest and they had to enter.

“Just did an essay and I emailed them our story and I attached some pictures so they could actually see where we stayed here,” Trishann said. “They had over 1,500-2,000 entries and we got chosen for the top three.”

The Sacripanti's taped the show Thursday with two other couples and they say it has been the experience of a lifetime.

“We had to do a relay race and whoever won the relay race won the trip to Tahiti,” Trishann said.

“Just being here is a blessing. This doesn't happen to us, I mean we're the people that get stuck in hurricanes.”

You can watch them on The Today Show Friday morning here on WTOV9 during the 11 o'clock hour.

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