Fans express discontent over Jambo changes

Social media has been filled with angry and upset Jambo fans. (WTOV)

From the rumors to the answers and now the reaction. Social media has been ablaze since changes to Jamboree in the Hills were officially announced early Monday.

Changes in the alcohol policy, the number of days and even the name of the event have fans talking. We took a look at how die-hard fans are reacting.

“I know change is hard. It's hard for everyone, but I think they’re still going to have an amazing experience as they have every year that third week in July and we intend to keep that exactly the same,” General Manager Kelly Tucker-Jones said.

It’s a 40-year tradition, but now Jamboree in the Hills will be called Jambo Country and the people of the Ohio Valley have a lot of feelings.

Just look at social media. One woman posted:

“What's the point of the name change? I just don't get it. Why change such an historical thing!?” wrote Jamie Stewart.

Some other changes that aren't sitting well? The festival format is going from 4 days down to 3, potentially without changing ticket prices.

Many are expressing feelings of greed, one woman writing in part:

“And, they cut out a day but are keeping ticket prices the same? Let's face it, Jamboree in the Hills is now dead, and Jambo Country won't make it five years," wrote Michelle Jasinski Ovies.

Another complaint concerns fans no longer being able to bring in coolers or outside alcohol. Jambo Country officials are citing safety concerns, but many aren't having it.

One person posted this to Facebook:

“The only reason they are denying coolers and outside alcohol is not safety. It's so they can make more money selling alcohol," wrote Robin Mahonen.

Others are expressing concern for the local economy, saying this will affect local businesses in a negative way.

“I feel horrible for the businesses in the area that count on that business. The hotels, restaurants, mom and pop stores, etc. This is going to affect them horribly," wrote Shannon Carpenter Rhoades.

Jambo Country officials have acknowledged the changes, saying in order to sustain the festival they needed to take a new approach.

“We recognize the changes, but also this event is a staple of this community and I want to see this event continue for another 40 years. So, I think these are the right changes at the right time,” Tucker-Jones said.

That's just a small sample of what people are saying. On the Fans of WTOV-TV Facebook page alone, there are more than 1,400 shares and around 250 comments under the announcement and that number continues to grow. Some commenters are even threatening to boycott. At least half a dozen Facebook groups centered around boycotting Jambo have popped up already, and one person even started a petition to be delivered to LiveNation.

If you do still plan on going, the first ticket sale of the year is on Thursday, December 15.

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