Elementary music and art coming back to Bellaire Schools


Bellaire Local Schools are working to restore several programs that were cut, including elementary music and art, and they are putting together a 5-year plan.

They’re able to do this after the district passed a levy last week.

Things in the district had gotten "critical."

“Our 8th grade kids on up, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade kids are the only kids left in the district who had elementary art and music,” superintendent Darren Jenkins said. “Our lower level kids were never in a Bellaire School District that had those things. "

Now, that is changing, thanks to the passage of the 2.5 mill levy with a vote of 762-577.

It's been 8 years without the programs.

The school district met this week to take action on the promises they made for students.

"To bring back music and art programs for our kindergarten through 8th grade students and those positions have been posted, and we're advertising aggressively for them now," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says during the fiscal emergency, they were unable to update textbooks and instructional materials, but this summer, they will be purchasing digital, up-to-date materials.

The school is also working on a long -term plan by setting financial and structural goals, including more personalized learning.

"We are excited as an early learning organization to begin expanding more opportunities for our kids,” Jenkins said.

The school plans to have the elementary programs in time for next school year.

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