Community glad to see Democratic Gubernatorial debate in Martins Ferry


BELMONT COUNTY, OH----It's an exciting moment for the city of Martins Ferry. Community members, city leaders and more talked about the impact the Democratic Gubernatorial debate has on the Ohio Valley.

Superintendent Jim Fogle of Martins Ferry City School says, "Phil Wallace, former Mayor of Martins Ferry, contacted us and asked us if we would be interested in hosting this event and of course, we were ecstatic."

He believes having the first democratic primary debate in the governor's race is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the school.

Mayor Robert Krajnyak agrees---as it's bringing people from all over Ohio to the city.

Krajnyak says,"I'd like to thank our County Chairman Phil Wallace and State Chairman Dave Pepper for bringing this here. "

Before the debate, several county residents gathered at the Elks Lodge in the city--who are glad to see the debate here in the Ohio Valley.

Ed Minger of Shadyside says, "Oh, I think it's great they are starting out over here. I think this little corner of the state feels left out occasionally but we're here we hope to make a difference."

While Lori Bittengle of St. Clairsville says, "Wonderful to have the candidates here in Belmont County. It's going to be a great year for Democrats and we are very excited to be here tonight."

There are some issues many cities including Martins Ferry are facing----including cuts to local government funding, about 200-300-thousand dollars each year.

Mayor Krajnyak hopes to get some answers and see some change, "It's been a struggle for this side of the state and nobody comes and sees to hear it except our local leaders, so hopefully this will help change some things."

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