Chase ends with cruiser crash

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio -- What would ultimately turn out to be a nasty cruiser crash in Bridgeport began in Bellaire on Thursday night after a motorcyclist was said to have nearly clipped a deputy
About an hour later, another officer attempted to stop what's believed to be the same rider in Bridgeport.
A pursuit between Bridgeport K-9 Officer Kevin Yates and a driver on a street bike ensued, reaching speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour on Kirkwood Heights Road minutes before midnight. When the chase reached the top of the hill, Yates reportedly witnessed the driver turn around and point a silver object at him.
The officer, fearing it was a gun, ducked down, and then veered off the road and down a 200-foot embankment, quickly becoming trapped inside.
Numerous police and rescue crews were dispatched to the scene. Both Yates and his K-9 were treated for only minor injuries at their respective hospitals.