Case under investigation after dog found with broken legs


The Jefferson County Humane Society is investigating a reported case of animal abuse.

Petey was found on the side of the road in Toronto earlier this week with two broken legs, one almost healed. The Jefferson County Animal Shelter received a report that the dog was thrown from a vehicle.

According to Humane Officer Casey Robinson, the owner has come forward but denies mistreating the animal. Robinson says the Humane Society takes cases like this seriously and they're working to be a voice for mistreated animals.

“Petey here is a prime example of why we do what we do,” Robinson said. “It's not just to get ahold of Petey; it's to heal Petey and get him to a home. It's the whole process in itself. That's what the Humane Society is all about."

Robinson says once all of the information is gathered he will send a report to the prosecutor's office, and from there charges may be filed.

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