Bully Tools invited to the White House


Bully Tools manufactures a variety of long-handled tools, used for gardening, farming and more. Their building along Technology Drive in Steubenville proudly shows their dedication to American-made products. What owner Mark Gracy didn't know was who else had been noticing the company's 'America first' approach.

"I got a call that said they were from the White House,” Gracy said. “It came in through our receptionist. They told me that the White House was on line one, and I was thinking that this must be one of my friends pranking me."

But it indeed was the White House, inviting Mark and his company for a meeting with President Trump and others.

As part of the president's 'America first' initiative, he invited companies from around the country to showcase their products. Bully Tools is the only company attending from Ohio.

"Being recognized as the company to represent Ohio is a big honor for us as well,” Gracy said. “We came in, we were small, and we've grown and continue to grow."

Mark and plant superintendent Dave Carroll made the trip to Washington D.C. on Sunday, and they spent the day setting up their product display.

"All 200 products are 100% American-made,” said Gracy. “That's a little bit unique. We're one of the few companies that have a large, broad category. Some companies may make a product out of their line. Every single product we make is made in the USA. 100% labor and materials."

President Trump and his cabinet members will look at the tools on Monday. Gracy is excited for the opportunity, and to showcase what the Valley can do.

"I've met a lot of different senators, congressmen, and have done town hall meetings, but going into the White House, the history behind that, it's special,” said Gracy. “Very special. Regardless of politics, meeting a president is something that's exciting."

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