'Brooke County Rocks'


The Facebook page 'Brooke County Rocks' was created by a woman from Wellsburg with a goal to bring the community together one rock at a time.

"I thought about it before, (and) then my sister came back from vacation and her daughter had found a rock, and she was telling me, ‘yeah I know what you're talking about,’ so that night I went home and started the page and thought we'd see what would happen," creator Darla Burns said.

Burns’ love of crafting inspired her to create the page, and just one month later, she has almost 2,000 fellow rock hunters.

"You can hide them anywhere, and we've had rocks my son took one to Florida and it was found there and it was ironic because the person who found it Florida was actually vacationing from West Virginia," Burns said.

So here's how it works: You decorate your rock, big or small. Write Brooke County Rocks Facebook page somewhere on it. Hide it, and then wait. Once you find one, snap a picture on the Facebook page and re-hide it.

"People hide them over at the parks, walking trails, around stores they're finding them everywhere," Burns said.

It’s families working together with smiles on their faces -- a big reason why Burns wanted to start this project.

"I just wanted to put something out there I thought maybe people would come together and do something and brighten somebody's day along the way and they seem to be enjoying it so it brightens my day knowing that they like it," she said.

So next time you're out and about in the Ohio Valley, keep your eyes peeled.

You may find a message of hope, love or inspiration in a place where you least expect it.

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