Shots fired at Ohio Valley Plaza

A shots fired investigation is underway after the Belmont County Sheriff's Office arrested one person in the Ohio Valley Plaza parking lot.

A 25-year-old man is accused of stealing beer from Walmart and then walking to the far end of the parking lot before firing shots into the air.

It all happened shortly before 7 p.m. The sheriff's office and St. Clairsville police responded quickly after receiving the call. They arrested Derek Young, who is believed to be from Arkansas.

Police spent hours on scene gathering evidence and shell casings in their investigation. Sheriff Dave Lucas says the man believed he wasn't doing anything wrong.

“He went into Walmart, stole some beer and came down to this area of the parking lot and decided that it was okay to pull his firearm and he shot 12 rounds up in the air,” Lucas said. “So when the deputies got here they were able to arrest him without incident."

The sheriff said Young will face “numerous charges including aggravated robbery.”

“Because he had a firearm with him when he went in the store, inducing panic and possibly some other charges,” he said.

Young was taken to the Belmont County jail.

No one was injured. Officials are unsure of any property damage, but everything is back to normal.

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