Bonefrog Run and Obstacle Course


Hundreds of people came to run, climb, and get a little muddy during the Bonefrog challenge in Wintersville.

The 8 mile course has 34 obstacles, hills and a lot of mud. Created to build inspire and challenge.

"A lot of the obstacles are replicated from the ones we did back back in seal training," says race director Josh Rich.

The endurance challenge attracts people from all over the country. Some all the way from Texas.

"I ran the Bonefrog in Austin and loved it. My birthday was last week so why not give yourself a birthday present and come out and run a race right?" says Matthew Gutzwiller.

About 10% of the proceeds goes to the UTC Navy Seals Association. They've donated roughly $90,000.

Bonefrog puts on 10 obstacle courses around the country but they're looking to do around 20 challenges next year.

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