Boat docks donated to Brooke Hills in memory of former park manager

WELLSBURG, W.Va. -- Two brand new docks now sit in the pond at Brooke Hills Park in Wellsburg.
They were donated in memory of former Brooke County Sheriff and park manager Gary Young.
"It's probably been at least 10 years since we upgraded, and one is probably 30 years old," Park Manager Janice McFadden said. "We are very much in need of it, so we can't thank them enough."
The docks were donated by American Muscle Docks. CEO Lucas Diserio says they did in memory of his uncle, Young, who passed away in 2008.
"We have a dock company and we thought the docks needed replaced so we thought we'd help the park out in our backyard and do that as well as honor Gary, so we are going to have a plaque here saying it's in his name for his legacy," Diserio said.
Diserio said he spent many wonderful times at the park with his uncle Gary.
"I grew up here being 7 years old golfing so I lived here with him for years," he said.
Diserio says he wanted to do this for Gary's wife, Verna, who still lives in Wellsburg and thought this would be a special way to remember him.
"He was very special to my family and myself, and I live here now, so this is my home," Diserio said. "So I thought I'd help add to it and try to grow it like he would have wanted."

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