Belmont County Sheriff's Office honored for adopting ‘Ohio Collaborative”

Ohio Collaborative.JPG

The Belmont County Sheriff's Office is being honored for adopting a series of law enforcement standards in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed an executive order in 2015, effectively creating the "Ohio Collaborative" after a series of incidents in Ohio and around the nation highlighted the challenges that exist in many places between communities and police.

The collaborative is a 12-person panel that established state standards for the first time in Ohio's history that can help guide law enforcement agencies in the state.

These new standards are designed to bolster accountability and instill a greater confidence with the public.

"We meet the state of Ohio standards for use of force, deadly force, and also recruitment and hiring," Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas said. "I'm proud that we got this done, and it's a good thing to have. "

A report will be published by March 31, listing which agencies have adopted and fully implemented the new state minimum standards.

The Harrison and Guernsey County sheriff's offices are also certified.

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