Barnesville EMS counting on public for levy

Barnesville EMS counting on public for levy

Barnesville EMS needs the public's help this Election Day.

They’re in need of more funding and they are asking for people to vote for a 1.5 mill levy to help keep the community safer.

"Help us to help you," said Tim Hall, assistant fire chief, Barnesville Fire and EMS.

The department has been self-sufficient since the beginning, but recent cuts from the government are taking a toll.

“That's put a strain on us and every squad,” Hall said. “We're still not running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's 14 open shifts a month that we're not staffed.”

With a short staff and older equipment, it's becoming more difficult for them to serve everyone's needs.

So, with the help of village council, a 1.5 mill EMS levy will be on the ballot for those who live in Barnesville and Warren and Kirkwood Townships.

“We're asking taxpayers to help us out,” Hall said. “It would be great for the whole community to have coverage here.”

The levy could provide additional staffing and better services overall.

"When you need them, you expect them to be there, and this hopefully will alleviate some of these worries,” Hall said. “We'll be staffed better, have better equipment, and be able to help the community. We're here to serve the community, but we need a little help in return."

The levy will be on the ballot Nov. 7. If you have any questions, you can contact the fire department.

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