Annual Toronto ceremony remembers 9/11 attacks

Residents display patriotism in Gem City. (WTOV)

Residents in Toronto remembered September 11, 2001 with a ceremony.

It was a powerful ceremony as the Gem City showed proud patriotism.

"Fifteen years ago today, on a day much like today, it was cool, thousands of people got up to go about their day, not knowing that day would change our lives forever."

First responders and other members of law enforcement came and special guests shared their stories from the fateful day.

"We have to pay tribute to those who lost their lives. Like they always say, the 11th of September will always be remembered. It's impossible to forget,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Toronto certainly has not forgotten. This was the 15th year they have held the ceremony and they don't plan on stopping.

"Toronto has always supported the troops, they've always supported America. This city is a city of patriotic Americans,” said Susan Kulstad, organizer.

The mood was somber yet hopeful. Even in a small town in the Ohio Valley, patriotism runs deep and is worn proudly.

"For communities like Toronto to come together like this to remember, I think it's important that they do that. They've continued to do that. It speaks volumes about the kind of people we have here in the Ohio Valley, people that truly care about their fellow citizen, fellow Ohioan, and fellow American," said State Sen. Lou Gentile.

There were many young kids in attendance who weren't alive during the terrorist attacks. Thanks to their parents and grandparents that brought them, they too know the importance of this day in history.

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