Annual Campbell-Dickinson run, bike and walk


Dozens hit the streets and shaved their heads Saturday morning in Toronto to raise money for cancer research at the seventh annual Campbell-Dickinson run bike and walk.

In its seventh year, literally running, the Campbell-Dickinson run-bike-and-walk event is a day of solidarity and fundraising for charity research; cancer research and cancer for kids, and it's all wrapped up in a day of fun, capped off by shaving heads and faces.

“To me, the idea that we're going to do something so simple as shave our head and that's going to give kids a chance to ride a bicycle, to play ball on a ball field, go to a dance, why not do it?" said Matt Lewis of the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

One of the namesakes of the event, Jenny Dickinson, has been coming back every year since her breast cancer went into remission. The day is also a humbling reminder of how close survivors come to escaping an often terminal illness.

“I would say I never have the feeling that I’m ever out of the woods. Daily it's something I do struggle with and I think about, will it return; I have three small children. But I do feel good. I feel blessed that it's eight years later and I’m here and we're having this wonderful event because there's so many people that aren't here that haven't survived," said Dickinson, who is also a coordinator for the event.

Whether hitting the pavement, or hitting the salon chair, it was a day that continued the tradition of raising thousands of dollars for cancer care and research. But why St. Patrick's day weekend? Patrick Campbell, who's named in the event, was a Toronto area attorney who died of complications from chemotherapy. His birthday was on St. Patrick's day.

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