5,000 mile journey across the country

A man from Hopedale just got back from a 5,000 mile journey across the country.

63-year-old Keith Forsythe inspired hundreds on his trip across the United States.

"Last summer I walked the Appalachian Trail. I started in Georgia and walked to Maine," says Forsythe. "2,200 miles and it took me 5 and a half months and after I returned from that I decided that I was going to go on a trip this summer but that it would be a bicycle trip coast to coast."

Pins on a map of the United States of America indicate stops along the way of a 5,000 mile journey and for Forsythe, each pin is a stop and a story he took with him.

"It was quite an amazing journey I got to meet a lot of good people along the way and it just restores your faith in mankind for the kindness that they showed me along the way," says Forsythe.

He started in Yorktown Virginia and traveled approximately 60 miles a day.

"The goal of the journey was to administer to as many firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and veterans as I could along the way. I personally got to thank several hundred for their service and what they do for this country."

Sunday Forsythe addressed members of Word of Life Church in Steubenville.

From the start of his journey, the people he met along the way, the weather conditions, what he learned and who he inspired.

He encourages everyone he meet, no matter what age to never give up.

"You can find 100 reasons not to do something but you only need one reason to accomplish that goal and it's just get out and try it. You may fail you may fall down but the main thing is to get up and brush off your knees and try again."

You can check out Keith's adventure via his Facebook page.

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