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Mayor resigns, new mayor is named

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 12:01 AM EDT


Mayor Dave Fox has resigned as Sistersville's mayor.

His resignation was made official during tonight's council meeting.

The meeting was held inside the Sistersville Fire Hall.

Residents brought a page of more than a dozen questions that they wanted council to answer.

Many of them concerned the former mayor, Dave Fox.

As we reported, Fox moved to Wheeling back in August. That's when questions began to surface about how a mayor could serve his city without living within the city.

Tonight, eight council members selected a new mayor, Ann Doig.

Doig said, "I'm going to work on the city ordinances which we know are outdated and haven't been updated for a number of years. I've lived here for almost 25 years. And I think I'm qualified to take over for Dave."

The elections next march will be the next opportunity for residents of Sistersville to choose a new mayor.

Mayor resigns, new mayor is named

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