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Flooding causes travel problems in Tyler County

Updated: Tuesday, August 13 2013, 05:36 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder
TYLER COUNTY, W.Va - Numerous creeks overflowed their banks and spilled onto roadways throughout the county. The flash flood conditions even forced a delay to the beginning of the school year for Tyler County Schools.

Roads were completely submerged by water, forcing residents to change morning travel plans on their way to work.

"My brother in-law, who works at PPG, he had to go around the back of the county," Middlebourne resident Lisa Jackson said. He had to go out around big run and go out and around to get to work."

At first glance, a road slip on Jefferson Run appeared as if the road was in proper order. But a look off to the side revealed the dangerous situation, where nearly half of the roadway washed away.

"We had someone come into the courthouse a little bit ago and he lives on out 18 toward West Union," Jackson said. "He said that Middle Island was up a good bit and if it rains any more, it's going to be all over the roads in several different places."

That slip has changed bus routes for Tyler County Schools and even cancelled the first day of classes. The school system usually has about one or two flood days a year, but for this time of the year it is rare.

"We have, but not at this time of the year," Jackson said. "It usually happens a lot in the spring whenever there's been a lot of snow and then we have a lot of rain."

Tyler County Schools transportation supervisor Troy Smith said that the schools will alter their bus routes because of that slip on Jefferson Run to accommodate about five families in the area that won't be easily able to catch the buses in the morning.

Flooding causes travel problems in Tyler County

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