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YTR Coalition eyes electric aggregation program

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 01:35 PM EDT
The Yorkville, Tiltonsville and Rayland Coalition, better known as the YTR Coalition, has been pooling its resources to help save residents money.
Now they are trying to do the same thing with residents’ home electric bills.
If you go to vote Tuesday in Yorkville, Tiltonsville, and Rayland, you will see the words electric aggregation on the ballot.
"If it’s passed, if we we're successful with it, we'll group all the residents and the theory behind that is we should get lower electrical rates, purchasing as a group opposed to individuals," said Carl Sgalla Tiltonsville Village Administrator.
Local business owner Sam Croft says he thinks it’s a great idea. Anything that will help save money is useful to him.
“I would definitely sign on because anything you can save in this economy the way it is now, we'll take advantage of it," he said.
Village leaders think the program could help residents save around $200 per household per year.
Sgalla said he's not sure if there’s a lot of people on board with the idea but he hopes it works out.
“It’s been tough getting the word out,” Sgalla said. “Hopefully the interest is there. We didn't see a lot of interest at the public meeting. We had a decent turnout. I think 37-40 people there."
If this does pass, the application process will begin and a broker will help shop around to get the best rates.
Another note, if the "electric aggregation" does pass, residents don't have to participate. There is an option to opt out.

YTR Coalition eyes electric aggregation program

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