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New details surface in attempted murder investigation

Updated: Thursday, July 31 2014, 10:51 AM EDT

By: Ryan Eldredge

DILLONVALE, Ohio -- Photo and audio evidence has emerged in the case against a woman accused of slitting her husband's throat. In it is a daughter’s chilling 911 call -- a call that likely saved her father's life.

Phone rings
911: "Jefferson County 911, what’s your emergency?”
Daughter: “My mom just cut my dad's throat.
911: “Ok, what’s her name?
Daughter: “Her name is Judy Jones.”
911: “Ok, where’s your dad at?”
Daughter: “He's coming downstairs to get away from her.”
911: “Is he bleeding real bad?”
Daughter: “Yes, please hurry.”
911: “Ok, we'll get an ambulance and a police officer down there OK.”
It's frightening to hear. And it's disturbing to see the evidence knowing what allegedly occurred inside a Dillonvale home earlier this week.
“Certainly it's not a case where we are wondering who did it, or what weapon was used,” Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said. “Certainly she’s admitted to what she has done. Now there are various explanations of why. This isn't the type of case where we are struggling to find out who the offender is."
The offender, according to investigators, is Judy Jones, a 44-year-old who had a unique relationship with her husband.
"She does have a prior criminal record,” Hanlin said. “There is a prior disorderly conduct. There is also a prior act of domestic violence against this same individual. So there is a history of violence between these two parties, and I think that that's a good indication of what happened on this night."
The story took off after Jones initially told investigators that she sliced her husband's throat while dreaming of filleting a fish.
"I can't even imagine,” Hanlin said. “You hear something strange every day on the news. Certainly this is one of the stranger stories that we've heard, and I think maybe that’s why she backed away from it a little bit after that."
Jones is being held in the Jefferson County jail, and her bond is half a million dollars.
She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday. She is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

New details surface in attempted murder investigation

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