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Neighbors concerned after dumping situation, DEP investigates

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 05:23 PM EDT


Neighbors said they're concerned after a truck stopped on Dallas Pike Road and dumped some sort of dirty water on the road and hillside.

Jill Eller, of Dallas, said she her daughter was playing outside when the truck alarmed them.

"They said, 'I thought you'd know what to do,'" said Eller. "No one was in the vehicle and there was no license plate."

Eller grabbed her cellphone and began recording. She also called the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

"My concern was on the side of the truck it said 'non-potable water' and I was concerned with what exactly was in that water they were dumping," said Eller.

Eller is a science teacher and said she knows the dangers of fracking water. She also said there are several well sites nearby.

"I am worried about the increased traffic and with the water dumping - it seems like there is brazenness and it seems a lack of concern for our community," said Eller.

She said horses are in the field below the water dumping area and most residents use well water.

"I hope it's just water and not dangerous, but you don't know," said Eller.

Meanwhile Environmental Protection Agency representatives say they are researching the matter.

If you see what you think could be illegal dumping you are urged to call the national response hotline at 1-800-424-8802 or the West Virginia DEP Spill Hotline at 1-800-642-3074.

Neighbors concerned after dumping situation, DEP investigates

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