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Cincy teens rob ATM vehicle, immediately display money in rap video

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 12:14 PM EDT

CINCINNATI (Deb Dixon, WKRC) --Ninety-two thousand dollars was taken from the car of a company that fills ATMs and police said they found it in the hands of teen thieves who already have long records.
In a YouTube video brothers 16-year-old Dmarcus Lattimore and 17-year-old Alizay Key were seen with money, lots of money. The video showed the brothers rapping about the 350 gang. The video, starring stolen money, was posted right after $92,000 was taken outside a Price Hill Deli.
In security video, the brothers can be seen hanging around outside waiting for the ATM man to arrive. When the gentleman who fills the machines arrived and went inside, police said one of the teens reached inside the slightly open window of his car and grabbed his money bag.
The 17-year-old can be seen with the bag behind the dumpster. He took money out of a bag over and over again. Almost immediately the rap video with money was posted.
They just couldn't help themselves. By flashing the money around the teens got themselves robbed. But there was still a thousand dollars left when police found the teens with their mother, another sibling and two friends in a Colerain Township motel room.
In the room police also found a stolen gun. The brothers were arrested for theft. The 17-year-old had 12 warrants on him at the time. The 16-year-old had a very long record too. The older brother is still in jail.
Dmarcus Lattiere was released and ordered to get an electronic monitoring unit. He never showed up for it. Local 12 was unable to find him or his mother Thursday.
Lt. Don Luck of the Cincinnati Police said, "I don't know if we could find the mom. Wouldn't it be great if she finds out he's wanted; what would a real parent do? We'll see what she does."
Dmarcus Lattimore, the kid who was released and told to get the electronic monitoring unit, has 16 records for everything from theft, aggravated menacing, assault and several violations of electronic monitor.

Cincy teens rob ATM vehicle, immediately display money in rap video

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