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BOE president suggestion not on the agenda

Updated: Thursday, May 29 2014, 10:58 AM EDT


Ohio County's Board of Education held itsregular meeting on Wednesday night after a controversial move was made by board president Jim Jorden who was recently voted out of office.

Jorden suggested a proposal during May 16 special meeting to extend Superintendent Dianna Vargo's contract by 2 years.

The move was found out to be illegal since Vargo's contract hasn't expired yet.

The suggested proposal was not put on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting, but Jorden did make a comment during the meeting.

"It will not go on the agenda. That matter will be taken up by the next board at the appropriate time," Jorden said.

No questions were asked by board members on why Jorden made the suggestion in the first place or why it was not on the agenda.

"I was never given an explanation, I was well aware of the law," board member Shane Mallett said. "Mr. Jorden did not give us an explanation as to why he did not put it on the agenda but I imagine once that came to light that was maybe one of the reasons."

Jorden left immediately after the meeting and would not make further comments.

"He left that for the new board which will be coming in on July 1 to be able to vote on that. That issue will not be heard by the new board pursuant to state statute until six months prior to Dr. Vargo's contract ending," Mallett said.

Mallett said Vargo's contract is up in June 2016 and the board will probably address her contract in January 2016.

"There will be an evaluation done of Dr. Vargo's progress over the past four years, where the state of Ohio County schools is at that time, and many factors that go into that decision, they'll all be reviewed," Mallett said.

The current board has only two meetings left and the new board will take over on July 1.


BOE president suggestion not on the agenda

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