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Residents voice frustrations at Mingo Junction town hall

Updated: Thursday, January 30 2014, 10:47 PM EST

Mingo Junction, OH --

We're there for a town hall meeting in Mingo Junction at issue an increase to residents’ sewage bills. The $6 a month hike comes on the heels of a state mandated project. Ultimately none of this is sitting well with the people who live in Mingo Junction.


Last year village council members entered into a contract for the $2.5 million sewer separation project that was mandated by the Ohio EPA, and accompanied by a 20 year state loan. The project will lead to the separation of wastewater and storm water putting them into different pipes which should end a potential overflow issue at the wastewater treatment plant.


"Hopefully as members of council were saying hopefully the EPA will be a little more about what we can do to alleviate future projects," said Councilman George Irvin Jr.


Officials say the $6 increase will help the village bridge a gap of more than $100,000 a year, but not all residents believe the burden should be on customers.


"Where's our priorities?” asked one resident. “Do we have them in place or are we still heating the pool in the summer for 20 senior citizens?"


And many are frustrated with the village's financial decisions in the past. Like the reduction in the workforce from 41 to 21.


"They don't feel secure here anymore we can't keep hammering the employees and the services you have to try and do something to correct that," said another resident.


Before the meeting was over one resident even made a request of NEWS9.


"Talk to somebody from the Ohio EPA and say how do you do this to struggling communities that are broke? How do you do such a thing? The people can't afford it."


The project should take about 6 months to complete once it begins. But right now there is no official start date. Village leaders say they will vote on the rate hike at the council meeting next week.

Residents voice frustrations at Mingo Junction town hall

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